Statement of Solidarity from US Labor Activists in Struggle in Iran.

Statement of Solidarity from US Labor Activists to fellow workers in struggle in Iran

August 22, 2018

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

We union members and other workers and labor activists in the U.S. recognize that workers are one, all across the world. We support the struggles of Iranian workers as well as other struggles of women against sexism and the struggles of Kurds, Arabs and other persecuted minorities in Iran. (See partial list below)

We send you our greetings as sisters and brothers in the struggle. Our common enemy is the owners of capital and those who seek to divide us.  In the United States, this means first and foremost the racist and misogynist Trump and all those around him. We condemn his war threats and his economic sanctions which hurt Iranian working people.  Any move towards a US war against Iran will only mean the weakening of the workers’ movement and increased suffering of working class people in both countries.

We also oppose the authoritarianism of the Iranian government and its military interventions in the region… and its inhuman treatment of Afghan workers.  

We look forward to setting up direct links with labor activists in Iran so that we can help each other in fighting our capitalist rulers and coming up with ideas for workers power and an alternative to oppression, exploitation, division, war and imperialist aggression.

Forward to international working class solidarity!

Partial list of recent struggles in Iran:

May, 2018:

  • Teachers in Yazd went on strike
  • Steelworkers and hospital workers in Ahvaz struck
  • Railway workers near Tabriz protested
  • Bus drivers in Tehran struck

June, 2018

  •  Truck drivers nationwide struck
  •  Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane workers struck

July, 2018

  •  Railway workers nationwide struck
  •  Metalworkers organized along side their counterparts in Turkey

To this list should be included the struggles of women for their rights as well as of oppressed minorities in Iran such as the Kurds and the Arab Iranians.

(We apologize if we missed other important struggles. For more information and

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